Student Timetables for session 18/19

Your academic timetable can be viewed using Celcat Calendar - Note - While every attempt will be made to minimize any alterations to these timetables, in some circumstances changes may be unavoidable.

Celcat is the University's Timetable software, while Celcat Calendar is a search facility which can provide information on the current bookings listed in the Celcat timetable database. You can search for information on your own timetable, your programme of study etc. For information on how to do that see the Guidance Notes

Personalised Timetable

To see your personalised timetable, you need to enter your Banner Number into Celcat Calendar - Note - You will not be able to see your personalised timetable until approximately 24 hours after you enrol on your modules. If after 24 hours you still cannot view your personalised timetable please contact your programme leader. However, you can always browse the timetable for your programme of study regardless of your enrolment status.

Programme Timetable

To access the 2018/19 programme timetables go to

Room Timetable

To access the timetables for the different bookable rooms on the campuses go to